“Jamie’s approach to fitness is holistic and that is what is different. In our time together, we have done a lot of trial and error – taking time to see what methods and avenues my body responds to or what my body prefers. It may be common sense for some people, but I didn’t realize how much my diet contributed to my sleep maintenance insomnia, anxiety and energy levels until we started working together.

He stresses the need to have compassion for myself and I do think that this is the part of his services that I fancy the most. Not being where you’d like to be is mentally taxing, especially for someone like me who has deeply rooted body image issues – therefore, I do appreciate someone telling me that I shouldn’t be too hard on myself.

I remember Jamie repeatedly talking about “building foundation” and I didn’t get it until I started dropping inches from doing the bare minimum. There was also a time when I genuinely forgot I had sleep maintenance insomnia because I was sleeping through the entire night. My mentality isn’t as destructive as it was when I started, which is great – and I’m taking things in stride, extending grace and kindness to myself.”

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