Frequently Asked Questions

As a Holistic Health Coach I try and keep things simple and easy to apply to your life, here are some frequently asked questions to help clarify the minor details

Your health is not a quick fix, and I don’t approach it as such. Therefore, during the three months, we work on developing good habits that you take with you throughout life to ensure that any changes you make can be sustainable. We lay a foundation that you understand and can fall back on. And 3-months is the minimum amount of time you will need to make this happen.

No! Although we may suffer similar challenges and ailments, your circumstances are entirely different. Therefore, so too, should be your solution. Be it your nutrition, fitness, or holistic health, you are a unique individual. Therefore, I base my recommendations on your unique factors to maximize your chances of successfully achieving your goals.

Yes! Simply mention that you are interested in the payment plan option. I’m happy to set up 3 equal payments made at the beginning of each month of your program.

My primary business is all online and designed to help guide you along your journey. Sometimes, however, someone may require more accountability. I am not against this, and although my business is not designed with this in mind, I am option to discussing the options and seeing what I may be able to do to accommodate.

Unfortunately, I do not. It is beyond the scope of my profession to work directly with kids.

Didn’t see your question here? Send me an email and I’m happy to bring clarity to your concerns